Creative talent
in half the time


Our mission

The demand placed on creative teams is always changing. While freelancers can be a great solution when things get busy, the time required to find and screen the right talent can be discouraging. We’re here to change that.


Why Uncanny Creative?

We do all the leg work in finding your brand or agency experienced, well-vetted creatives, so you can get back to work. Benefits of our service include:

  • Our creatives are screened multiple times by industry professionals.

  • ASAP doesn’t scare us. We can find you the right talent in less than 48 hours.

  • No employee paperwork or onboarding. We take care of all the administrative stuff.

  • We invoice you directly, simplifying the task of managing multiple creatives.

  • Trying to fill a permanent position? We’re happy to help with that too.


Does your brand or agency need help finding creative talent?