An unexpected request

When we launched Uncanny Creative, our goal was to help every client looking for creative talent. Our roster of graphic designers, copywriters, developers, and marketing managers is top notch, and have already undergone several projects with a variety of clients. But a little while ago, we received a completely unexpected talent request: find an a cappella group. In a couple of days.

Admittedly, we had no idea what to do next. But we got to work. We did some research about local groups. We sent a few texts, made a few phone calls. And yes, we found the a cappella group!

A week later, the 4-person group and one of our videographers met up at the filming location. They ran through some lyrics, planned some shots and framing, and in no time at all a custom a cappella video was in the can. It was a project we never expected to be a part of, but seeing everything come together was pretty cool!

So what now? We’ll turn that question back to you: Hit us up with your creative talent needs, the crazier the better!

Daniel Blaser