New year, new talent?


No, this post isn’t about New Year’s resolutions.

For most companies, January means slide decks, strategy meetings, and fresh budgets to accompany all the optimistic goals that lie on the horizon. Often times, it also means a jam-packed careers page on the company website. But maybe it shouldn't.

Sure, some roles simply need to be filled. But other positions are posted simply because “the budget's there,” or in anticipation of projects or work to come. With the massive expense of hiring, on-boarding, benefits, and retention, most businesses have to choose between spending now in anticipation of a future workload, or the risk of coming up short with deadlines looming.

Here’s an idea: rather than hiring based on a hunch, why not hold onto that budget? And once the work is there, rather than scrambling to post to the “Careers” page, why not let Uncanny Creative find you pre-vetted, professional creative talent? Yes, we're 100% biased here, but we're also trying to save you some major dough. And how's that for a New Year's resolution? (Sorry.)

Daniel Blaser