Conquer Christmas chaos


The holidays mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but too often they equal mayhem. Holiday sales goals and end of year campaigns can make the last couple months of the year anything but jolly. The bummer part? At the time of the year where we should be spending the most time with friends and family, we often find ourselves squeezing in endless meetings and extra hours at the office. 

For many teams, this craziness can result in creative talent being stretched too thin. Designers and developers scramble to hit deadlines that could be easily reached if there was a little extra help. But in the fog of fast-approaching deadlines, the last thing on anyone’s mind is hiring freelance creative talent. Combing LinkedIn and contacting people takes time, and there isn’t any to spare. So the team doubles down, works more hours, and spends less time at home. It sucks.

This Scrooge-like scenario is all too familiar to me. I’ve been there. And it’s part of the reason that I started Uncanny Creative. I hoped that removing the freelancer barrier to entry would mean less late hours and working weekends. Will it? Time will tell. But I’m optimistic. And hopeful. It’s the holiday season after all. 

Daniel Blaser