A week after launch


A week ago, Uncanny Creative sputtered to life. It was the result of months of planning, debating, talking, dreaming, and creating hypothetical scenarios. It started from a simple premise: How can we create a service that we wish already existed in Salt Lake City?

Jordan and I have both freelanced off and on over the years (Jordan more than me). And as awesome as it is to bank some extra dough, sometimes freelancing can be more of a pain that it’s worth. When considering the premise behind Uncanny Creative, we assumed two things to be true:

  1. Businesses and brands are looking for creative talent in Utah. Utah is growing, business is booming, and creative talent is essential to the growth and success of any company.

  2. People enjoy freelancing. Despite the shortcomings, freelancing offers the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of work, meet new people, and make some extra money. It might be a pain, but it’s also pretty awesome.

Building on these two assumptions, we’ve worked hard to create a combination of benefits and processes that we would have utilized if they already existed. It’s not yet perfect (nothing is), but we’re committed to evolving and growing so we’re able to offer a service that’s the perfect combination for creatives and brands alike. To all those who have offered their support upon launch: thank you! And to anyone who has suggestions to make Uncanny Creative even better, please let us know. Just because we’ve officially launched doesn’t mean everything is locked down—only by evolving can we become the company we dream to be.

Daniel Blaser